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Natural Contraception

Wouldn't it be incredible to not have to use devices or hormones to avoid pregnancy?


How relieved would you feel if you didn't worry every time your period late? 

FAM works as contraception by showing you when your fertile window has started and when it ends. Since women are only fertile for about 1/4 - 1/3 of the whole cycle, there are plenty of days that are safe for unprotected sex on either side of that window. 

By checking your very own fertility signs every day, you know if you are fertile or infertile at any time!


The symptothermal method of fertility awareness (that's what I teach) has been shown to be upwards of 99% effective with perfect use (meaning all the rules are followed, and you chart consistently and correctly with teacher support) and approximately 82 - 98% effective with typical use (meaning not all rules are followed, and there are some charting mistakes).  Read more about the method I teach and how effective it is here. 

You can achieve this high effectiveness if you:

  • Learn FAM from a qualified instructor

  • Observe and chart your fertility signs consistently and correctly (download a blank chart here, or chart via the Read Your Body app)

  • Follow the 4 FAM Rules

  • Ask for support from your instructor as needed, and have a follow-up consult to assess your readiness to use FAM for birth control before you give yourself the green light to do so

  • Understand that this method is unlike most other contraceptive options because YOU have full responsibility to choose what to do in your fertile window. There is no hormone in your bloodstream or barrier in your body/your partner's to prevent pregnancy


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