Creating community & education for girls, teens, and women

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Fertility Awareness 

Learn how charting your 3 fertility signs gives you effective natural birth control, cycle understanding, and conception optimization!

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Girls & Teens Classes

6-week programs for girls ages 10 - 14 that will help them feel excited, positive, and prepared for adolescence and young womanhood. 


Caitlin is charismatic, passionate, fun, and the perfect person to teach our daughters about their body and how it works. Having other female role models who bring positivity, education, and humor during this coming of age journey is such a gift for my daughter”

— Tracy Lough, Mother & Midwife

"Caitlin was a true life savor and mentor when, after chronic stress, I found my hormones and lifestyle were in serious need of re-balancing. Caitlin is knowledgeable, a great listener, approachable and so encouraging. If you are struggling or want to be empowered with your heath, she’s the one you’ve been looking for!"

— Christina, FAM student