I'm Caitlin and I help women like you to learn Fertility Awareness so you have natural birth control and cycle understanding that will be yours for life. 

Creating community & education for girls, teens, and women

Fertility Awareness 

Read more about how charting your 3 fertility signs gives you effective natural birth control, cycle understanding, and conception optimization!

Girls & Teens Classes

6-week programs for girls ages 10 - 14 to help them feel excited, positive, and prepared for adolescence and young womanhood. 


“Caitlin is a charismatic, passionate, and fun, and the perfect person to teach our daughters about their body and how it works. Having other female role models who bring positivity, education, and humor during this coming of age journey is such a gift for my daughter”

— Tracy Lough, Mother & Midwife

"What a wonderful and empowering way to learn about my body, with a teacher who provides this knowledge with such love, enthusiasm, and support. I feel confident to start using this method for myself and I know that Caitlin will be there for me on this path."

— Anna, FAM student