Saludos! I'm Caitlin

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I'm a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Girls' Coming of Age Mentor, and Teens' Sex Educator.

I love to teach women and girls of all ages and walks of life about their cycles so they can feel amazing confidence and freedom to become the experts of their own reproductive health!


10 years ago I was:


  • Sick of conventional birth control methods

  • Terrified of getting pregnant

  • Hating my female body and my periods

  • Totally in the dark about how the heck my cycles worked

  • Clueless as to when I could and could not get pregnant

  • Worrying myself sick that I was pregnant if my period was even 3 days late

That's when I found Fertility Awareness!

Now I have:

  • The natural birth control method I always wanted. I have successfully avoided pregnancy with FAM for 10 years

  • Love and trust for my body. I'm no longer afraid of my body, and I've healed issues like painful periods

  • Empowerment to understand what’s going on in my cycle each day without even having to ask a doctor, search the internet, or even leave the house!

  • Fertility knowledge that will last me the rest of my life that has made me the expert of my own reproductive health

I'm here to help you claim this amazing knowledge for yourself!

My Training

I studied for 2 years with The Well School of Body Literacy, graduating in 2016 as a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator & Reproductive Health Educator. I'm recognized as a certified instructor by the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals. 

Since the beginning of my teacher training I knew that I wanted to offer girls and teens their own course for understanding cycles. I completed my training as a girls' mentor with Journey of Young Women in 2016 and launched my girls' class series. I remain active in the JOYW community as an ongoing collaborator for Youth Cycle Literacy and Menstrual Wellness topics.

Fun Facts About Me

I was born and raised in a tiny little seaside nook in Mendocino County, California. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian, an Egyptian princess, and an artist, and in my teens, I wanted to be a writer and linguist. I had images of joining the Peace Corps and working with women's health in some way. Fast forward 10 years and I discovered Fertility Awareness, which became my true calling! Other fun tidbits:


  • I worked as a professional birthday party princess for 7 years with my very own company

  • I'm a musical theater actress, aerial silks artist, and student of West African dance

  • I speak Spanish and Italian, and I can sing in Gaelic and Swedish

  • My family and I run a pie booth every summer

  • My 5th cousin is Mark Twain

  • I used to cry whenever someone mentioned periods when I was an adolescent (look how far I've come!)