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Cycle Understanding

Imagine knowing more about your reproductive health than your gynecologist!

Most of us barely get any education about how our cycles work. We go years not really understanding what it all means and how to decode the mystery of our bodies. We make guesses about why our period is late, why we have strange discharge, and why we have cramps. 


At its core, FAM is really basic menstrual cycle education. It is a life skill that allows you to understand your body and cycles far beyond just tracking your period.


Charting your cycles with FAM will show you:


  • What short, long, or irregular cycles mean

  • If and when you ovulate each cycle

  • How other health concerns are related to your hormonal health

  • The day your period will start, often days in advance

  • What various signs and symptoms mean

  • How your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and sleep affect your cycle

  • Why you might experience cramps and PMS

  • Hormonal health

  • When certain moods or feelings arise

  • Your unique anatomy and what's normal for you. Because FAM involves touching your vulva and, optionally, your cervix most days of your cycle, you'll know how your body is supposed to feel. If something changes, you'll be the first to know and decide if you need to seek medical treatment

  • What kinds of vaginal secretions are healthy and normal and which ones are abnormal

  • Your menstrual health, such as color, heaviness/lightness, clots, cramps, smell, and any changes to your "normal" 


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