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Fertility Freedom is a comprehensive 4-week self-paced program that gives you all the tools you need to start charting your cycles with the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) so you can have natural birth control that is up to 99.6% effective!

This is like getting your Master’s Degree in your body. You’ll learn anatomy and physiology, hormones, detailed technique for how to start practicing Fertility Awareness, how to interpret your charts, how to understand your hormonal and gynecological health, diet and lifestyle tips to balance your cycles, how to chart your cycles through special circumstances like postpartum and perimenopause, plus the 4 rules for how to avoid pregnancy.

Fertility Freedom will give you all the tools and guidance you need to safely avoid pregnancy without drugs or devices, while allowing you to gain incredible insight into your own cycles and fertility that will be yours for life.



  • Want an alternative to pills, patches, rings, shots, IUDs, implants, and condoms?

  • Wish you didn’t fear a late period every month?

  • Wish you knew what short, long, or irregular cycles meant, or why you have heavy periods, spotting, or PMS?

  • Spend a lot of time asking friends, doctors, or Google for ways to figure out your cycles, only to hear half-baked theories or “just go on the Pill and it will fix everything”?

  • Want to ditch hormonal methods forever and prevent pregnancy naturally, without giving up effectiveness?

  • Want to learn about your body and how to understand your fertility each cycle so you never feel out of control or worried?

  • Want to learn an effective natural birth control method while becoming the boss of your own body with a supportive teacher who has been there and done ALL of the above?


"What freedom this is! I know my body, I trust my body and now I trust myself. I don't have to worry about getting pregnant and I don't need hormonal birth control to do this. Getting to know my body and making choices using the beautiful information it gives me everyday about my cycle and fertility is one of the best things I have ever done. Books and podcasts were a great start, but the personal teaching with Caitlin really gave me the confidence and information I needed to do this effectively. She was so awesome. It felt like talking to a friend. I completely recommend her and am so grateful she does this work."

— Katie, health worker


"Before working with Caitlin, all my pieces about fertility charting were scattered and she was able to complete my puzzle. I had been on multiple hormonal birth controls for 10 years and I couldn’t help but wonder 'how would I feel without the hormones being fed into me?' Through Caitlin I have learned all kinds of facts about my body and how I can be in control. Honestly, what is more beautiful than being in control and aware of your body?!"

— Courtney, accountant 

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"Caitlin was a true life savor and mentor when, after chronic stress, I found my hormones and lifestyle were in serious need of re-balancing. Caitlin is knowledgeable, a great listener, approachable and so encouraging. If you are struggling or want to be empowered with your heath, she’s the one you’ve been looking for!"

— Christina, musician and artist 

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