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Wouldn't it feel empowering to start your journey to motherhood as the expert of your own body and fertility? 

How incredible would it be to know things about your fertility and hormonal health without getting expensive procedures and tests? 



We're taught that getting pregnant is easy: Have sex often enough and somewhere along the line, egg will meet sperm. The standard recommendation is to try for 1 year before seeking assistance in getting pregnant, along with other frustratingly vague suggestions, such as always trying on day 14 of the cycle, counting cycle days to predict ovulation, and taking vitamins to increase fertility. 

There is SO MUCH MORE to learn! 


FAM helps you see details that very few healthcare providers, books, and standard fertility advice will explain, such as: 

  • The #1 sign of fertility: cervical fluid

  • Not enough progesterone after ovulation

  • Mistiming of intercourse

  • Mistiming of AI/IUI/IVF

  • Effects of your diet, lifestyle, and environment

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Exactly when your fertile phase begins and ends

Many people spend years trying and trying without knowing that simple or complex factors may be working against them. FAM may reveal conditions that can interfere with fertility, such as:

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis

  • Thyroid imbalance

  • Cysts, fibroids, or cervical issues


Additionally, since most fertility procedures and tests are performed on fixed days of the cycle, regardless of what is actually going on with your hormones at that time, you can guide your healthcare provider to have tests done on days that will give accurate results based on your FAM chart. 

I am not currently offering FAM for conception services. Here are some highly recommended educators who specialize in serving TTC folks: 

Allison Macbeth

Rosemary Roberts

Jessie Brebner

Conception Planning

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