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What you'll learn...

How you can be a period-positive role model for your daughter

What girls need in order to go from feeling "ICK" to "AWESOME" about periods

Why periods are a source of health and power, not pain and inconvenience 

Can't attend live? No problem - a recording will be available until 3/31

Meet your guide

Caitlin McMurtry is a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, coming of age mentor for girls, and sex educator for teens. 

Caitlin loves to watch her young students' eyes light up with amazement when they discover all the incredible facts about the human body for the first time - the super powerful uterus, the hormones that make them smart and capable, the connection between cycles and the seasons - and to guide them with love and reverence along their coming of age journey.

She also loves to help parents learn how to support their daughters through menarche and beyond, with helpful tips for balancing cycles naturally, alternatives to regulating cycles with the Pill, and more. 

Based in Sebastopol, California, Caitlin loves to bake pie, mountain bike, sing, dance, and study foreign languages  when not telling everyone about the wonders of the menstrual cycle. 

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