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Cycle Sisters is an online program for girls ages 10 - 13 that offers body-positive and feminist-based puberty education in a warm and supportive community setting so they can feel prepared and excited for their coming of age time. We believe being a girl and having cycles is a blessing, not a curse!


Over the course of 6 weeks we will explore coming of age traditions around the world, body image, hormones, fertility, ovulation, menstruation, cycle tracking, menstrual care and wellness, and global and historical perspectives around periods. In our virtual classroom we will have story sharing, talk time, giggle fits, slideshows, videos, games, trivia, dance breaks, and lots of awesome visual aids and props!  




  • Want your daughter to learn more about her cycles beyond just periods and products?

  • Want feminist-based education that challenges the dominant period-negative narrative?

  • Want tips for supporting your daughter (and yourself) through the coming of age years?

  • Want your daughter to feel excited about her coming of age and to learn about global and historical traditions?

  • Want to be able to talk openly about periods products and menstrual care with your daughter?

  • Want your daughter to feel STOKED about being a girl and having cycles?

  • Want your daughter to have a safe, supportive space to ask questions, share stories, and learn alongside other girls?

What's included in Cycle Sisters?

  • 6 live weekly classes (60 - 90 minutes each)​

  • Special Moms' Circle (90 minutes)

  • Handouts for students and parents

  • Weekly recap emails for parents

Do you discuss sex in this course?


This course does not teach about sex beyond the basics of reproduction. We do review female and male anatomy, including self pleasure (masturbation), the clitoris, wet dreams, and spontaneous erections. We will have a virtual Question Box that students can use to ask whatever question they wish. Each question will be carefully considered by Caitlin before giving an answer. If something seems too advanced for the group, a brief and tactful response will be given.

What if my daughter hasn't started her period yet? Or what if she already has? Is this class still appropriate?


Yes! We welcome girls from different levels of maturity. Regardless of where they are in regards to menarche, this class offers the education they need to feel comfortable and prepared for their cycles either now or in the future.

What if my daughter hates talking about puberty?


Most of the students who come to Cycle Sisters are initially hesitant, but that resistance starts to break down when they learn about just how incredible the female body is. Giggle fits and blushing are totally okay and part of the process! Many parents report that their daughter has an easier time talking about puberty after coming to class.

Class 1: Welcoming & Introduction to Coming of Age Topics
We'll establish agreements and logistics for our time together, play some “get to know you” games, and learn about coming of age traditions from around the world


Class 2: Body Image & Media
We'll discuss what constitutes beauty, how to like and love your body, and check out how female bodies are seen in our communities and the world overall.


Class 3: Puberty
We'll learn about physical, emotional, mental, and social changes that accompany puberty for both girls and boys.


Class 4: Cycles
We'll learn all about cycles, ovulation, hormones, and fertility.


Class 5: Menstrual Care & Wellness
We'll talk about how to prepare for and care for ourselves during menstruation and how to manage the changes that having cycles brings as well as options for charting your cycle. We'll look at the different types of conventional, organic, and reusable menstrual products available, and learn about how women throughout history and the world have handled their flow.


Class 6: Closing
The girls will brainstorm ways they would like to acknowledge their menarche, such as a celebration, a great meal, or a special gift box. We'll spend some time honoring each other and singing a parting song. Plus time to answer any last questions about periods, puberty, or anything else!

PLUS: A special Moms' Circle where you'll learn the same amazing menstrual cycle education your daughter is getting, tips for understanding teen cycles, and connection with other moms about mothering adolescent girls. 

Tuition is $297 and includes:

  • 6 live weekly classes (60 - 90 minutes each)​

  • Special Moms' Circle (90 minutes)

  • Handouts for students and parents

  • Weekly recap emails for parents

Payment plans available!

Caitlin McMurtry is a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, coming of age mentor for girls, and sex educator for teens. Inspired by her many grown-up students exclaiming "Why didn't anyone teach me how to understand my own body in middle school?!" Caitlin created her girls' program in 2017 and has been teaching girls ages 9 - 14 ever since.

Caitlin loves to watch her young students' eyes light up with amazement when they discover all the incredible facts about the human body for the first time - the super powerful uterus, the hormones that make them smart and capable, the connection between cycles and the seasons - and to guide them with love and reverence along their coming of age journey.

She also loves to help parents learn how to support their daughters through menarche and beyond, with helpful tips for balancing cycles naturally, alternatives to regulating cycles with the Pill, and more. 

Based in Sebastopol, California, Caitlin loves to bake pie, mountain bike, sing, dance, and study foreign languages  when not telling everyone about the wonders of the menstrual cycle.