Do you want to be able to talk more openly and comfortably with your daughter about puberty?

Do you want your daughter to get empowering, awe-inspiring, and feminist-based education about her body, emotions, and relationships?

Are you looking for something more than the standard sex ed class for your daughter?

Do you want to change your daughter's thoughts around periods and puberty from ICK to AWESOME?


"I want to tell other girls that this is a very fun class and the teacher is amazing. I would say that it could feel a little strange at first but that they would get used to it. And also that it is a very helpful class and you learn a lot"

"Cycle Wise is a welcoming, enjoyable class that every girl NEEDS to attend. I learned so much!"

"I've been to many different puberty classes but never learned as much as I did in Cycle Wise. Caitlin is such a joyful and kind person that I can't help but smile when I step into our circle. I hope I can attend more of these classes soon!"


"Caitlin's bright and positive energy has had the most impact on my daughter. In this class the natural ways are respected and it's such a great positive influence"

"This course has provided a wonderful jumping-off point for my daughter and I's communication, making the topic of puberty more comfortable for us both"

"Fantastic course - this was perfect for my 6th grade daughter - providing knowledge at a critical point. A group setting among friends and peers, facilitated by a wonderful teacher, has provided her with hours of discussion on topics of coming of age"