1:1 personalized consults


Do you need a hand getting solid in your FAM practice? Do you want to heal your cycle issues holistically? Do you want to make sure you're charting correctly and following the rules to avoid pregnancy? Do you need some help figuring out your cervical fluid, temp shift, and Peak Day? Do you have a teenage daughter who's having cycle issues?

I'm here to help you with all these things and more!

Half Session: 1/2 hour - 45 minutes 

For general cycles questions

In this session we'll chat about whatever's on your mind, such as:


  • Birth control options

  • Hormonal health

  • Period pain and PMS

  • Teen cycles

This consult is a great option if you'd like a second opinion with what your healthcare provider told you, if you'd like to discuss holistic options for cycles, or if you'd just like to have the chance to pick my brain about any and all cycle topics! 


You'll also receive a PDF of consult notes with a summary of everything we've discussed, recommendations, and additional resources, plus specific handouts that relate to your needs (like hormone balancing).  

Half session: $75


"Before working with Caitlin, all my pieces about fertility charting were scattered and she was able to complete my puzzle. I had been on multiple hormonal birth controls for 10 years and I couldn’t help but wonder 'how would I feel without the hormones being fed into me?' Through Caitlin I have learned all kinds of facts about my body and how I can be in control. Honestly, what is more beautiful than being in control and aware of your body?!"

— Courtney


"What freedom this is! I know my body, I trust my body and now I trust myself. I don't have to worry about getting pregnant and I don't need hormonal birth control to do this. Getting to know my body and making choices using the beautiful information it gives me everyday about my cycle and fertility is one of the best things I have ever done. Books and podcasts were a great start, but the personal teaching with Caitlin really gave me the confidence and information I needed to do this effectively."

— Katie

Full Session: 1 - 1 ½ hours

For chart reviews

In this session I'll help you understand your unique cervical fluid patterns, make sure you're ready to use FAM as birth control, assess your overall cycle health, clarify the rules, and lend a supportive listening ear for whatever you need without judgement. We will prioritize your goals and cater the session towards meeting them! 

Before our consult I will dedicate time to look over your health intake and to assess your charts, and afterwards, I'll send you a PDF file of consult notes with a summary of everything we've discussed, recommendations, and additional resources, plus blank charts and specific handouts that relate to your needs (like charting after coming off a hormonal method, or while breastfeeding).  

$100: initial consult

$75: follow-up session

$200/3 sessions