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Your guide for learning how to chart your cycle!

Discover the incredible wisdom your body has to show you by learning how to check and chart your daily signs of fertility so you can avoid pregnancy naturally, stop fearing late periods, and step into the driver's seat of your reproductive health. 

110 pages guiding you through:

  • Your 3 primary fertility signs

  • What does it mean to be fertile?

  • How effective is FAM?

  • History of FAM

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • How ovulation happens

  • Hormonal systems and the cycle

  • Natural cycles vs hormonal birth control

  • How pregnancy happens

  • Male reproductive anatomy and hormones

  • The lowdown on withdrawal

  • Normal vs abnormal secretions

  • Choosing a thermometer

  • LH testing

  • Secondary fertility signs

  • Chart orientation

  • How to check each sign

  • How to identify a temp shift

  • Where to draw the coverline

  • Sample and practice charts

  • The Rules

  • The science behind each rule

  • Handling your fertile wave

  • Barrier methods

  • The intention scale

  • Know your WHY

  • Examples of cycle variations on charts

  • Different types of bleeding

  • Healthy cycle guidelines

  • Hormonal health basics

  • Your cycle after hormonal birth control

  • The rules for post-hormonal birth control

  • Charting during long cycles

  • How to apply Peak Day

Sneak peek what's inside!


Price per book: $65 for USA / $95 international. Shipping and handling included. 

Please note this book offers charting instruction in Fahrenheit only.

These books are printed at a local copy shop in small batches, not by a large publishing company. The price of the book reflects the printing cost, shipping cost, and labor that all go into the non-corporate small business and one-woman show that is Cycle Wise!

The story behind this book

In May of 2022 I sat down to consolidate all my FAM class handouts, about 20, in one place. My idea was to create a simple spiral-bound workbook with some additional text to link all the handouts together. As soon as I began, it seemed that all my accumulated wisdom from the last 10+ years of charting my cycles and teaching FAM wanted to come pouring out of me. Once I opened the door, I couldn't stop the writing, designing, and passion that spilled onto the page! Hence, what started as a weekend project turned into 6 months of dedicating hours each week to creating a full-fledged FAM manual. 

Simple enough for beginners, yet detailed enough for those really wanting the nitty gritty of charting and applying the fine points of the rules, Learn to Chart is a warm-hearted, nerdy, and loving guide for you as you journey into discovering your own cycle and fertility. 

Thank you so much for your interest in my book!

Love, Caitlin

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